One Moment At A Time

“Wherever you are, be all there.” -Jim Elliot

One moment at a time. Yes, that’s this week’s message. I am constantly being reminded of this lesson. Cherish the moment. The actual moment of being present wherever you are.

I know it can be hard. We have so many distractions in our lives. We have the physically distractions and sometimes more difficult to escape the mental distractions. Did you know we have about 90,000 thoughts a day?

The greatest gift we can give ourselves and others is in the moment. This past weekend we were celebrating my daughter’s graduation from college. At the same time, we have another daughter who was playing in her final home college softball series game of her sophomore year.

Seeing as one was in Florida and the other was in South Carolina we could not be in two places at once. What we can do is live in the moment, be fully present. It is the only gift we have.

How successful are you with being in the moment? Being fully present? Check out this article for “11 Ways You Can Fit Mindfulness Into Your Busy Life.”

I would love to know your thoughts. Feel free to email me at

I am Nina Obier– the link between where your INFLUENCE is and where YOU want it to be.

GO BE the Leader of YOUR Life!


The KEY is in your Morning Routine

P.S. I am grateful for the intentional action I took a few months ago when I published my second book, “My Daily Clarity- 90 Days to Connect.Create.Communicate.Celebrate” It brings me joy to watch others use this tool consistently and have tremendous shifts in their daily routines that have created space for their absolute Yes’s. Be sure to grab your copy and see what clarity putting pen to paper can create. Maybe grab a few trusted friends or colleagues and start your own accountability group too!


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