Lessons From An Egg Hunt

“Blaze a path of your own brilliance and illuminate the world.” -Unknown

Lessons from an egg hunt. Yes, that’s this week’s message. I bring it to you as I reflect on one of my favorite moments from this past weekend, which was when I participated in an Easter egg hunt.

There were about 100 eggs for 5 of us to find. It was night time which made it more exciting. I remember the adrenaline rush when we ran out into the yard to go find the eggs. I watched as people were finding eggs in the cars and the plants in the front yard. So, I followed their lead. I too started finding eggs. Then it dawned on me and I asked myself, “Why am I following other people, when I could blaze my own trail?” At that moment, I took off into the backyard and that is when I found the most eggs.

I remember thinking to myself “I am such a rock star! I am doing so well at this.”

We then went upstairs to count our eggs. Guess what? I came in…last, and it didn’t matter. I learned these lessons; I totally enjoyed the journey and focused on being the best version of myself. When I took the focus off what others were doing, when I choose to be a leader, that is when I found the most eggs.

I would love to know your thoughts. Are you blazing a trail, finding your own path, and being the leader of your life? Are you enjoying the journey? Or are you comparing yourself to others? Getting down on yourself for not “winning” the hunt? Feel free to email me at info@ninaobier.com.

I am Nina Obier– the link between where your INFLUENCE is and where YOU want it to be.

GO BE the Leader of YOUR Life!



The KEY is in your Morning Routine

“Listen.Learn.Love.Lead” My journey in life with humility and grace.

P.S. Are you leading a life that is consistent, orderly and congruent? Is it full of unity, peace and friendship? Are YOU Leading A Life Of Harmony? JOIN US in our online community if you are interested in leading a hope centered, abundant, relationship focused, mindful, optimistic, nurturing, YES filled life!  #LeadingALifeOfHarmony


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