Life is a Lot Like Tennis

“Life is a lot like tennis. Those who don’t serve well end up losing.” –John Mason

That is this week’s message. It’s all about serving others. Certainly I am not the first person to talk about this and I definitely won’t be the last. I bring this up because this concept and topic, although not new to me, have been swirling around in several trainings I have attended recently. To always remember, it’s all about the other person.

Service comes in so many different ways. One way is just by praising others. Lifting people up and guiding them so that they use their gifts and talents.

Here’s the funny part, this concept culminated when I was watching the “Lego Movie”. Have you ever seen this movie? The theme song is “Everything is Awesome.” The main character is an “ordinary” construction worker. In the movie someone believed in him, he was told he was the “chosen one.” Therefore, he was doing everything possible to come up with ways to solve their main problem. That really was all it took, having another person believe in him.

While I was doing some more research on this topic I found this great article that was written back in 2015, “7 Secrets of Servant Leadership That Will Lead You to Success” by Peter Economy. I especially loved when he said servant leaders listen intently and observe closely.

I would love to know your thoughts; do you think life is about serving others? Feel free to email me at

“The measure of life is not its duration, but its donation.” –Peter Marshall

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