“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” –Mahatma Gandhi

Living a life of harmony, yes, that’s this week’s message.  The reason I bring it to you is I realize that’s what I’m working on. That’s what I’ve been searching for, a life of harmony.

Here is this week’s video along with the transcription. Gotta LOVE all types of learners- visual, auditory, read-write, and kinesthetic.

I opened one of my books by John Mason, “You Can Be Your Best”  There was a quote by a gentleman named William Ward, “There are three enemies of personal peace: regret over yesterday’s mistakes, anxiety over tomorrow’s problems, and ingratitude for today’s blessings.”

I truly believe everyday there is something you can find to be grateful for. It’s been said, that if you aren’t grateful for what you have now, you certainly won’t be grateful for the things that you get.

I would love to know your thoughts? Are YOU living a life of harmony? If so, how are you doing it? Feel free to email me at info@ninaobier.com

I am Nina Obier- Your Leadership Liaison. The link between where your INFLUENCE is and where YOU want it to be!

GO #LiveALifeOfHarmony!

Let’s Connect.Create.Communicate.Celebrate

The KEY is in your Morning Routine

“Listen.Learn.Love.Lead” My journey in life with humility and grace.


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