The Gift of Time

The gift of time…that is this week’s message.

This past weekend I spent time with my daughter while she played college softball. Part of the fun was I surprised her! Check out the video.

The rest of the weekend I just spent time. I gave the gift of time. I was fully present at all of the games. Cheering on everyone. Enjoying the moment. When I had time with her and her friends, we just enjoyed each other’s company.

When I was on the airplane coming home, I was sitting next to a gentleman and we got into a conversation about how he is a true road warrior. He said, I missed my daughter growing up; I missed my son growing up. Now I have a grandbaby. I don’t want this life anymore. He said, “I always thought it was most important to pay off the house, make money, work, work, work. I now realize that is not what it is all about”. Was this conversation a coincidence? I think not. Validation. I think so.

What are your thoughts? Do you believe the gift of time is the most precious? I would love to know, feel free to email me at

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