Can You FEEL it!

Can you feel it? That’s this week’s message, FEELINGS.

YES, I know, I am not the first person to speak about this. This message has been coming to me loud and clear, whether listening to Brendon Burchard, Dana Wilde, or reading this book that my friend Marsha Sims let me borrow “Excuse Me Your Life is Waiting”.

The root of these messages that I am reading and studying are about feelings. How are you feeling about something? Really feeling? You have got to be honest with yourself.

I am not a fan of the statements “Feel the fear and do it anyway” or “Fake it til’ you make it”. Fear? Fake? Those are negative emotions. I would rather root everything from a positive emotion.

Check yourself. How are you feeling? I would love to know your thoughts below. Do you believe our feelings attract what happens to us?

I am Nina Obier- Your Leadership Liaison. The link between where your INFLUENCE is and where YOU want it to be!

Until next time…FLOW into a FABULOUS day!

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“Listen.Learn.Love.Lead” My journey in life with humility and grace.


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