Complete Silence

“In the silence, we gain our voice.” -Nina Obier

Do you ever make the time to really just be in complete silence with your spirit? I have the planned opportunity twice a year when I serve at my Emmaus retreat. It truly is one of my most favorite weekends of the year. I meet the most amazing, beautiful, soulful women.

It is so wonderful to watch these women come into the weekend. They are so upset because they don’t have their phones. All of a sudden they aren’t “connected.” The best part is when they realize how connected they can become when they get rid of all the distractions.

As I pondered more on this topic, I found this article that I really enjoyed. “10 Important Reasons to Start Making Time for Silence, Rest and Solitude.” 

Here are a few of my favorite reasons to start making time for silence.

  1. Bypassing Burnout
  2. Improves Memory
  3. Grow Your Brain

Would love to know your thoughts below. What do you feel or think about complete silence?

I am Nina Obier, Your Leadership Liasion. The link between where your INFLUENCE is and where YOU want it to be.

Go MAKE it a FABULOUS day!

Let’s Connect.Create.Communicate


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