Is Your Vision 20/20?

“Create the highest, grandest vision for your life, because you become what you believe.” Oprah Winfrey

Ah yes, a vision board. Have you ever created one? Do you believe they work? Here’s what I am learning by following some very wise individuals on this very subject.

Take John Assaraf, he said one of the greatest pitfalls with goal setting and vision boards, is when all is said and done if you do not have the implicit BELIEF that it can happen, you are just spinning your wheels.

Here is the difference, explicit belief is external. It is when you declare it, talk about it, out loud to others. While this is important, if your implicit belief, what is underneath the surface does not match, you will not reach your goals. The implicit belief, is what you think about in secret. Not smart enough, not good enough, it is your underlying beliefs that will start to create doubt and have you questioning whether or not you are doing the right thing.

I created my vision board recently with the help of the teachings of John Assaraf, Jessica Brace, and Lisa Tishman. I am sharing with you a picture of it. I believe it is important to do both, have the explicit and the implicit belief that it will happen.


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Now, inquiring minds want to know, what are your thoughts about creating a vision board? Share your insights and ideas on our fan page, twitter, or feel free to email me!

Until next time….I am Nina Obier- Your Leadership Liaison​, the link between where your INFLUENCE is and where YOU want it to be.

Let’s Connect.Create.Communicate.


“Listen.Learn.Love.Lead” My journey in life with humility and grace.


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