A Recent Observation

Recently I was out of town with my daughter and her teammates. It’s so interesting to me to watch young adults on vacation. It appears that the goal is to go somewhere famous, get a picture, then post it on social media to prove you were there. Then…they are ready to leave!

Are you kidding me? We did not drive all this way for a photo opp! Which really is just a “proof” opp. It’s crazy what has become so important. What about really enjoying the scenery? At one stop we were literally with the sea lions, on the cliffs of LaJolla!

Then I came to realize it isn’t just young adults, it’s society. We were fortunate enough to go see a Dodgers game. On Friday nights the Dodgers have Friday Fireworks. The coolest thing is they let as much of the crowd as possible come onto the field.; We weren’t quick enough, yet we did get front row seats. The music was from the 80’s and the fireworks were spectacular. As I watched others, they weren’t dancing in their seat like I was, laughing and enjoying the moment. They were videoing the moment. Really?

When was the last time you were fully present in the moment? Do you know how to just be? I am certainly not perfect, yet I do work at it. I believe the greatest gift you can give someone is your attention. That there is beauty in making memories, in your mind, not on your phone.

What are your thoughts about my recent observation? Please share them below.

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