Better Done Than Perfect

Better done than perfect, that is this week’s message. I was traveling earlier this week and instead of panicking, and not doing my video that morning, I thought, what the heck! Does it really matter where I do my message or how I look?

The funniest thing, when I opened my email before creating my video, there was an article about perfectionism. It talked about how it can stop us dead in our tracks. Instead it suggested we could be striving for excellence. This means you are moving forward.

Here is a funny story. Last week I sent out my email to my list. It included a video that I was so excited about. When I received the email the next day, I clicked on the video. Guess what? I had linked the wrong video. I paused and honestly said to myself, it’s okay, that video is good too!

What are your thoughts about better done than perfect? Here is my video I choose to do, even though I was not at my “in home” studio!


I am Nina Obier- Leadership Liaison​ the link between where your influence is and where you want it to be.


Let’s Connect.Create.Communicate


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