What YOU Really Value

Show me your calendar and your checkbook and I’ll show you what you value. This is a paraphrase from Dr. John Demartini. I encourage you to look him up at www.drdemartini.com

I recently listened to a WOW Wednesday call that WPN sponsored, www.wpnglobal.com. It was about values. There are many different values tests available. Dr. Demartini’s take on it, is very cool.

Basically, you need to be honest with yourself. When you look at your calendar and you look at your checkbook, you will be able to figure out what you truly value.

When he is out speaking he usually asks the audience, who wants financial independence? Almost everyone will raise their hand. He then lets the audience know that realistically only about 1% of them will ever reach that level. It goes back to how you spend your days.

Stop telling yourself you are going to do one thing, but then your actions are totally different. Remember our actions speak louder than our words.

For example, he explained if you value your family than any money you make will go back into your family.

Again, be honest with yourself. Knowing you will not have this incredibly thriving, millionaire business, unless you change the way you do things.

What are your thoughts. Be sure to share them below.

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