My daughter all of a sudden decided that she wanted a new bed in her room. To be fair, she really never had her own bed. She has had all hand me downs. Any way, she was going to make sure it was going to happen. If she had to build the bed herself, vacuum, clean her room, move her furniture, she was there doing it. It was important to her and she made it happen.

“If it’s important to you, you will find a way. If it’s not, you’ll find an excuse” -Ryan Blair

As for me, I am wearing a FitBit now. Thank you daddy for the gift. I want to reach my 10,000 steps a day. I realize I am not doing it, I tend to sit down a lot. It was important to me, and I made it happen. I was at an event, instead of just sitting and chatting during the breaks I went for a walk.

Do you find yourself making excuses? I recently read an article by Alicia Brooks which stated that fear fuels excuses. She says, “We start making excuses when we are afraid how someone will react to something we say or do.”

In Alicia’s article she offers “6 Simple Steps to Eliminate Excuses”:

  1. Practice Honesty
  2. Prioritize
  3. Set Realistic Goals
  4. Stop Procrastinating
  5. Be Positive
  6. Be Nice to Yourself

Now, inquiring minds want to know, do you have any stories around when it’s important to you, you make it happen? Share your thoughts and ideas on our fan page or twitter!

Until next time….I am Nina Obier- Your Leadership Liaison​, the link between where your INFLUENCE is and where YOU want it to be.

Let’s Connect.Create.Communicate.


“Listen.Learn.Love.Lead” My journey in life with humility and grace.


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