Let it Go!

Let it Go! I am sure most of you have heard that song before? No worries I am not going to talk about Frozen.

Let it go, such an easy phrase but somewhat so hard to do. I was at the dentist recently getting a tooth pulled. How fun is that? For a few minutes, maybe a little bit longer, I thought I was in control. We all know I wasn’t. I had to finally just let it go, relax and let the dentist do his job.

This is the same with people. I am sure you may already know this, so this is a friendly reminder. We can not control other people. We can only control ourselves. Let it go! Just do you!

Let me know your thoughts below. I am Nina Obier- Leadership Liaison​ the link between where your INFLUENCE is and where YOU want it to be. GO MAKE it a FABULOUS day!

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