It’s the Non-Verbal You Have to Watch…..

(Be sure to CLICK HERE to see the video that goes with this message, it really drives home the point of Non-Verbal Communication)

Good morning. How are you today? Are you ready for some motivation? I can’t even keep a straight face! For those of you who have been following me, even for a little bit, you know how much I love to project joy and happiness through a great smile. I was doing some research for my mini-mastermind I am doing at the Women’s Success Summit (#wss2014) The topic that I am talking about, are the ways to improve your body language. One of them really is your smile. It is the first impression that you are making on people. It’s what you use when you are communicating with people without using words and it’s important. I know there are some really powerful things going on in this world right now that aren’t making people quite happy. You can control you and how you react to your day. One of the ways you can do it, it’s a great gift that you can give and receive. and that’s your smile! I would love to know your thoughts below.


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