You Can Do Anything!

I absolutely love when I come across a new quote and this one is by David Allen. “You can do anything, just not everything.” This is so true, when I was growing up my parents told be I can do anything. I am very grateful for that. What I am learning is I can’t do everything. There really is not enough time in the day. There are some things I really shouldn’t be doing. I can take them off my plate or give them to someone else to do. You really should find out what serves you best, what it is that you need to be doing that only you can do. This way you can reach your highest levels in your work, in your personal life, everything! Remember that, you can do anything, but just not everything. I would love to know what your thoughts are down below.

Check out the VIDEO of this message.

Some of you have asked what is the symbolism of the t-shirt. Well, those are the icons of my motto and NEW BOOK! Yes, I am a published author. CLICK HERE to check out the book, Listen.Learn.Love.Lead- 40 Simple Messages for an #inspiredlife


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