Do you MAKE the time to say thank you or let someone know how you feel about them? #inspiredlife

The craziest thing happened between last night and this morning. I was on the phone with my daughter and we were working through some of her college challenges.I wanted to make sure she knew how proud we were of her, how much she is doing and how she inspires me. She has taken on such a work load, so many extra curricular activities, and yet she is doing it all. Then this morning I get a surprise text from my mom. She was given a challenge to thank 3 people for something they had done for her. She thanked me for inspiring her. How cool is that? This all happened and I believe in everything happens for a reason, I’ve given that message before. Have you said thank you to someone? Have you told someone what they do for you? Make the time to do this. It will make a difference in their lives, and in yours. Let me know your thoughts, below.

Check out the VIDEO of this message!


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