Do YOU Like You?

Do you like you? Odd question uh? But if someone asked you that would you respond with a resounding yes I do! Or are you more worried about what other people are thinking? The reason I bring this up is this past weekend I was at my 30 year high school reunion, yes, 30 years. I know it’s hard to believe right? But it’s the truth. It was so much fun reconnecting with ole friends and seeing people that maybe I knew in passing but it was great to get to know them better. One thing I kept thinking was, did it matter whether or not we said hello or reconnected, or that you liked what I was wearing. What’s most important is do you like you? That’s the person you are with 24/7. So, think about that one and let me know your thoughts below.

Check out the video by clicking here: Do YOU Like You? 



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