There’s an app for that!

Where is your to do list? Is it in your office? In the kitchen? In your day planner? On a napkin? I get it, many of you are good about to do lists, you may even know where it is all the time. My point is why not have it all in one place AND with you all the time. There is an app for that! I use Errands. I started by doing a brain dump of everything I could think of for my to do list, even things that I do not plan on doing until January. Then I put it into my phone. I can set priorities for my to do’s, I can set specific due dates, create folders and more. The real point I want to make, is now my list is with me always, and I check it often. How many times do you look at your phone everyday? How many times does something come up that you need to add to your list? Just think now when you have an extra 5-10 minutes, check your phone and maybe you can cross off another item on your list! What are your thoughts about to do lists? Be sure to share in the comments section below. I am Nina Obier Your Leadership Liaison, MAKE it a great day!


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