Be Grateful

I want to start with being grateful. This is probably not a new concept for you and you have probably heard this before. But in my opinion, it’s really important. So what I want you to do is get a notebook, it doesn’t have to be something fabulous, it could be a spiral notebook, it could be a journal, whatever it is, and before you go to bed I want you to write down at least 5 things you are grateful for. Doesn’t have to be huge, it could be you just grateful for the blue sky, or you are grateful for a conversation you had with your spouse, or you are grateful that today you ate well. Whatever is it, take a moment, and write it down right before you go to bed. I want you to know it’s going to make a difference. Now remember, a habit is not formed until you have done it for 21 days in a row, so that’s three weeks, so stick with it.



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